Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), you are hereby being informed with who will use your personal information, which data will be collected and why, and what rights you possess regarding your personal data. By visiting this website or by logging into the mobile application, it is considered that you agree to your personal data being collected and processed. Your data shall be used and protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. For more information, read the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act at:

Read this privacy policy carefully, and contact us should you have any questions regarding these provisions. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy. We shall notify you of any modifications of this privacy policy at our website, or via the mobile app. Read the privacy policy regularly and stay informed.

Collecting and processing data: MUGO, načrtovanje in oblikovanje, d.o.o., Opekarska cesta 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ref. no.: 2284634; VAT ID no.: SI40825337.

Which data do we collect, why and how long do we keep them?

a) Data regarding the visits of the website and use of the mobile app

Which? Each time you visit our website or the mobile app, the server automatically collects web server log files. These are:
1. time, date and URL of all our pages you have visited;
2. URL of referral traffic sources;
3. search queries you conduct at our website;
4. technical data regarding your internet browser and your computer (if possible: IP number, operating system version and browser version).

Why? The global internet functions by the principle that the internet server hosting the website takes notes on certain data regarding the website visits. Data collected in such manner are not processed individually, but as a whole, and are not interlinked with other data.

How long? Server log files are deleted after 3 months.

b) Data provided by you

Data provided by you, intended for general public, include:
  • data about your profile (user name is always visible, other data can be omitted through privacy settings), individual statuses, pictures, location, videos, events, links;
  • messages sent to other users;
  • links to your friends and groups.
Data provided by you, not intended for general public, include:
  • settings and data provided by you at registration (name, surname, email, password, sex, and others);
  • privacy settings.
Why? Data intended for general public are collected with the purpose that they can be posted and seen in accordance to your personal privacy settings (certain data can be visible to everybody or only to a specific group of people). Data about your name, user name and password are used for your account log in. Data not intended for general public are collected to insure that you are not in violation with the terms of use. Data about your email are collected in order for us to be able to contact you about our website updates, if you should desire so.

How long? Data provided by you are kept for a period of 6 months after you delete them or your account. You can delete your account at any time. In case you do not access your account for a period of 2 years, your account is automatically deleted.

II. Cookies

a) Legal basis

The Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette RS, no. 109/2012; ZEKom-1) has established new provisions for the use of cookies and similar technologies for data saving, or accessing data on the computer or mobile device of the user.

b) General

Every visitor is allocated with an anonymous code by our server each time you visit our website. Your browser collects this code and sends it back to our server whenever you access any website hosted on our server. The technology of such data transmission is called cookies. This website uses cookies in order to recognise the user, remember the user’s settings, and to enable you faster and easier navigation through our website and the mobile app.

Cookies sent to you and received back by our server:
  • do not transmit data from your computer to any other server (except back to the sender);
  • do not transfer any data to our server except those sent by the server itself to the user and returned to it upon every visit (unique code);
  • do not contain your personal name, address or any other personal data;
  • cannot infect your computer with a virus or harm it in any other way;
  • do not enable us to find out what else apart from browsing our server you do on the internet or elsewhere;
  • do not enable us to find out your personal details, unless you have provided them on your own earlier;
  • do not collect data for the purpose of target marketing.
The data collected by cookies are collected until the user explicitly disables them in his/her browser. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can disable them. Follow the instructions of the browser’s creator. Certain websites and services shall be inoperable or shall not run smoothly, if the cookies are disabled.

C) Which cookies are present in out website and our mobile app?

Cookie namePurpose Cookie time limitCompany
PHPSESSID basic website operation end of session
__utma page view statistics 2 years
__utmb page view statistics 30 minutes
__utmc page view statistics end of session
__utmz page view statistics 6 months

III. Forwarding data to third person parties

Your personal data provided by you will not be forwarded or revealed to third person parties without your explicit consent. They will, however, be forwarded to third person parties as a general sum, e.g. as general site traffic summary, which can be used publicly.

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act and other laws, however, we reserve the right to forward your personal data to third persons, i.e. competent institutions.

IV. Data insight and demand to delete data

Upon your demand you can gain insight into the process of copying and displaying your personal data. We can also deliver the list of parties your data have been forwarded to, when they received them, on which grounds they were forwarded and for which purpose. You also have the right to demand that your personal data be deleted from our personal data collection at any time. Data deletion will be executed immediately, once it is established that you are the person whose data are to be deleted. The demand to delete your personal data can be send to

V. Conclusion

Mugo, načrtovanje in oblikovanje, d.o.o. undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal data of the users of the website and the mobile application. Collected data will be used only in accordance with the aforementioned reasons. Personal data or contact information will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be revealed to third person parties without the explicit consent of the website’s user. We undertake to do everything in our power to protect your personal data from any form of violation or abuse.

Any questions regarding the safekeeping of your personal data on our website can be addressed to

VI. Modifications of privacy policy

This policy was last modified on 16 March 2015.