Inovativen način urejanja bolj varnih šolskih poti.

Innovative design of safer routes to school

The application has an educational function, as it helps the child to learn a safer route to school, get to know traffic regulations, rules and traffic culture. The objectives of this app are to ensure a better transparency of safe route plans, and to find new ways to include children into traffic. The app Lilly&Val connects children, parents, schools, municipality and local environment.


  • increased safety for children going
    to and from school;
  • educating children about traffic culture
    through games;
  • innovative cooperation of children;
  • immediate communication about the transport
    situation of the routes to school;
  • close connection of people of all segments;
  • the app is supported by the most popular
    operational systems (iOS, Adroid, Windows).
Nagradne igre

Prize competitions

The app is upgraded with innovative prize competitions from
the field of traffic safety and culture. All games are very incentive,
while the prizes are quite attractive, useful and carry an educational undertone.
Kdo sta Lilly&Val?Sva Lilly&Val, ki varno hodiva v šolo, spoznavava prometne predpise in pravila, ter s tem osnove prometne kulture.

Who are Lilly&Val?

Lilly & Val are children, who walk to and from school every day. On their way to school, they monitor developments on the road, learn, play and report the situation to their peers through the interactive app. Thus, the app also teaches the children about the traffic culture.